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Galerie Hugues Charbonneau [Montréal, Canada]

Guillaume Adjutor Provost

Studio @ Fonderie Darling
250 rue Queen, Montréal, Canada
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My recent projects put forward hybrid propositions that borrow from the languages of visual arts, documentary and literature. Concretely, the medium that I mainly use is the installation, to which is linked a joint production of sculptural, photographic, video and graphic works. My practice explores the manifestations of the unconscious, the materialization of poetry and of ideologies. More specifically, I am interested in what is at the periphery of history: counter-culture, personal archives, the vernacular, psychoanalysis and science fiction.

In advancing the notion of "curatorial art", my artworks reflect this disposition that several artists share for the use of the modalities of the exhibition as a space of creation. This is in line with what Gavin Wade says, that "art is no longer exposed, but art exposes". My creative activities sometimes involve the integration or alteration of existing works, objects already in circulation, or "informed" elements. I do not see the exhibition as an end, but rather as a space for experimentation, collaboration, critical reflection and self-determination.